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Q: Saan matatagpuan ang pinaka malaking deposito ng carbon sa pilipinas?
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Anu-ano ang mga pinagkukunang yaman ng bansa ng pilipinas?

Ang Pilipinas ay sagana sa mga pinagkukunang yaman tulad ng yamang lupa na makukuha sa mga ( bundok, kabundukan, talampas, burol, kapatagan, lambak atbp); yamang tubig na makukuha sa mga ( karagatan, dagat, lawa, ilog, sapa, golpo, batis atbp.); yamang mineral ( ginto, pilak, tanso, bronse, carbon, manganese atbp. pang kauri nito); yamang Tao (kung mas malaking porsyento nito ay nasa edad na 18- 60 taong gulang na may kakayahang magtrabaho); yamang enerhiya ( heotermal, hydroelektrik, solar atbp.) at yamang pisikal (bunga ng kasanayan, karunungan at makabagong teknolohiya).

What are the differences between carbon and carbon dioxide?

the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide is carbon is just carbon

Is carbon dioxide an element or carbon?

Carbon is an element, but not carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a compound of carbon and oxygen.

Does carbon contain carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon dioxide contains carbon.

Carbon-12 carbon-13 and carbon-14 are?

isotopes of carbon

What is a single carbon-carbon bond?

What is a single carbon-carbon bond

How much carbon in carbon steel?

Carbon steel has ≤2.1% carbon.

Is carbon the same as carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a form of carbon.

Carbon-12 carbon-13 and carbon-14 are .?

isotopes of carbon

What is the real name for carbon?

carbon Carbon.

Is there more carbon in carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?

There is proportionally more carbon in carbon monoxide than there is in carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide, CO, has a one-to-one ration of carbon to oxygen. Carbon dioxide, CO2, has a one-to-two ration of carbon to oxygen.

What is the difference between carbon and high carbon steel?

high carbon steel is a type of the carbon steel carbon steel: low carbon steel medium carbon steel high carbon steel

What are common isotopes of carbon?

Carbon 12, carbon 13, Carbon 14

What are the types of isotopes for carbon?

carbon 12 carbon 13 carbon 14

Is carbon in Earth's atmosphere?

carbon monixide, carbon dioxide, and plain carbon

What kind of bond is the carbon-carbon bond?

The carbon-carbon bonds are covalent.

Are two isotopes of carbon both carbon 12 and carbon 14?

Yes Carbon 12, Carbon 13 and Carbon 14 are isotopes of carbon. Diamond and graphite are allotropes.

Most polar bond carbon to fluorine carbon to nitrogen carbon to oxygen or carbon to hydrogen?

Carbon to fluorine.

Carbon in carbon dioxide is an example of carbon in an inorganic compound?

Yes. Carbon dioxide is a carbon compound that is inorganic.

Which is strongest carbon-carbon single bond carbon-carbon double bond or carbon-carbon triple bond?

triple bond, but it is also the shortest.

How carbon atom able to form many carbon atom?

There are multiple types of carbon atoms (Carbon 12, Carbon 13, and Carbon 14).

Isotope in a sentence?

The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12.

What element contains carbon?

Carbon. Carbon is an element.

What source of carbon for carbon fixation?

carbon dioxide

What is the name of the family that carbon belongs to?

Carbon is placed in the carbon group.