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Q: Is the song ako ay nagtanim binary or ternary?
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What is the lyrics of ako ay nagtanim?


Lyrics of the Ako ang nagtanim?

Ako ay nagtanim Kapirasong luya Tumubo ay gabi Namunga ng mangga Nang pipitasin ko'y Hinog na papaya Lumagpak sa lupa'y Magandang dalaga.

Lyrics and notes of ako ay nagtanim?

ako ay nagtanim ng kapirasong luya tumubo ay gabe namunga ng mangga ng pipitasin koy hinog na papaya nalaglag sa lupa magandang dalaga ito ay tunugang d menor

What is the lyre of ako ay Filipino?

Ako ay Filipino, which is also referred to as Ako ay Pilipino is a popular song in the Philippines written by George Canseco. The lyrics to the song begin with the phrase "Ako ay Pilipino" and end with the same phrase as well.

Who is the composer of ako ay pilipino?

Levi Celerio is the composer of the song "Ako ay Plilipino" i hope my answer helps ! :))

Ako ay nagtanim lyrics and notes?

[Tagalog] Akoโ€™y nagtanim ng kapirasong luya, Tumubo ay saging, namunga ng mangga. Nang aking pitasin, hinog na papaya. Bumagsak sa lupa, magandang dalaga. Ako ay nagtanim, kapirasong luya. Sumibol ay gabi, namunga ng mangga. Nang pipitasin ko, hinog na papaya. Lumagpak sa lupa, magandang dalaga. [English] I planted a piece of ginger. It grew as a banana, fruited a mango. When I picked it, a ripe papaya. Fell on the ground, a beautiful lass. I planted a piece of ginger. Sprouted as a taro plant, fruited a mango. When I was to pick it, a ripe papaya. Fell on the ground, a beautiful lass.

What song are the example of moderate?

ako kini si angi

Who was the original singer of the song ako ay Filipino?

basil valdez

Time signature of ako ay Filipino song?


What does all about the song Ako ay pilipino?

Ako ay Pilipino (I am a Filipino) is a Filipino pop patriotic song written by George Canseco in 1981, under commission from First Lady Imelda Marcos, and performed by Kuh Ledesma, who has said that it is her favorite song.

Why did george canseco wrote the song ako ay Filipino?

For the real pilipino to Philippines

Mindoro folk song?

Hindi ko alam kaya nga ako nag reresearch ee

Can you give me 5 examples of folk songs which are in the form of binary?

Ako ay Pilipino,Sampaguita,Magtanim ay di biro,Bayan ko,Manang Biday

Who uses the slogan We Care?

ako ako

Who is a better kisser riko or ako?


What actors and actresses appeared in Ako - 1965?

The cast of Ako - 1965 includes: Miki Irie as Ako

What have you learned in class this year?

maraming ako natutunan sa mapeh about folk song and physical fitness and physical excerses

What does ako ibigin mean in English?

ako ibigin = I love

When was Ako Si... created?

Ako Si... was created in 2005.

When was AKO Literatuurprijs created?

AKO Literatuurprijs was created in 1986.

When was Benedict Ako born?

Benedict Ako was born in 1968.

How tall is Ako Rahim?

Ako Rahim is 184 cm.

How tall is Ako Ayuk?

Ako Ayuk is 166 cm.

Definition of intervening phrase?

ako nag tatanong pero di ako sinasagot ako pa yung tinananong

What is the answer to this logical question pumara ako sumakay ako umupo ako sumandal ako bumaba ako anong dala ko?

Di ko alam