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tungkulin ng pamahalaang sultanato

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Q: Ibigay ang mga tungkulin ng sultan sa pamahalaang sultanato?
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Anu ano ang tungkulin ng sultan?

tungkulin ng sultanato

Ano ang tung kulin ng sultan?

paano dumating ang pamahalaang sultanato

What is sultanato?

the meaning of sultanato is sultan

Ano ang pagkakaiba ng pamahalaang sultanato sa barangay?

ang sultanato ay pinamumuan ng sultan at ang barangay naman ay pinamumunuan ng datu

Ibigay ang mga tungkulin ng sultan sa pamahalaan ng sultanato?

Punongtagapagganap Tagapagbatas Tagahukom Namumuno sa labanan Tungkuling panrelihiyon-manalangin sa Moske- pagbasa ng Koran-manguna sa pagdiriwang sa Islam

Tungkulin ng sultan sa pamahalaan ng sultanato?

tangina nyu tinatanung kayo d nyu alam sagot mga bobo..!kasama ako....!

Who is the first sultan in sultanato?

Rajah Abu Bakr

Sino ang namumuno sa sultanato?

Ang tawag/sagot po sa namumuno ng sultanato ay sultan. 💖😉

Ano ang tungkulin ng isang sultan?


Ano ang tungkulin ng sultan?

Ang sultan ay isang titulo na nagmula sa salitang Arabe na nangangahulugang lakas o kapangyarihan. Sa kalahatan, ang mga tungkulin ng mga sultan ay ang mga sumusunod: Pinuno ng pamahalaan at estado. Pinuno rin ng armadong puwersa ng sultanato. Husgado at tagapag-bigay ng hustisya. Which Translates to: Sultan is a title derived from the Arabic word meaning strength or power. The activities of a sultan differ from those of different Islamic governments. In general, the duties of sultans are as follows: Head of government and state. Also leader of the sultanate's armed forces. Court and justice.

Anu-ano ang tungkulin ng sultan?

mga bobo kayo di nyo alam sagot .!

Who is sultan jamalul kiram II?

Sultan Jamalul Kiram-II reigned as a usurper-sultan of Sulu from 1884 to 1915. He is a usurper because the legitimate reigning actual Sultan at that time was Sultan Pulalun. Evident of the latter's visible presence in 1899 negotiation with the United States Military government in that sane year meeting with Maj.-General Jens A, Doe of the United States Army 41st Division. Pls. visit website and click Royalty at Parallel sovereignty. Jamalul Kiram II is the last sultan before the sultanato is officially erased at 1915 because of the Carpenter Agreement, because the government of Sulu is departed to the government of Amerika.

Which sultan was called the magnificent sultan?

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, the magnificent Ottoman Empire's sultan

What nicknames did Sultan Rahi go by?

Sultan Rahi went by The Sultan.

Who is the Sultan for Brunei?

Sir Hassanal Bolkiah is the Sultan for Brunei.

What is pre spanish government?

It refers to the 'barangaic' system , where the datu; or the 'sultanato' where the sultan is the leader, is the prime leader advised by his associates. It is consist of written and verbal laws that scopes policies about land, hierarchy in the barangay, and other laws concerning the citizens and maintaining their community which is informed to the citizens through an 'Umalohokan'(messenger).

What is a sentence with the word sultan?

The sultan asked for a new bath.I met the sultan last week for tea.

Which country has a sultan?

Brunei has a sultan. Oman has a sultan. The Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia has a sultan. Seven of the states of Malaysia have sultans.

Where is the Sultan Library in Sultan located?

The address of the Sultan Library is: 319 Main St., Suite 100, Sultan, 98294 M

What is the birth name of Sultan Rahi?

Sultan Rahi's birth name is Muhammad, Sultan.

How is the sultan of Oman selected?

The Sultan is hereditary

Short story how pilandok came a sultan?

Pilandok Became a Sultan by killing the preceding Sultan..

What is the birth name of Grete Sultan?

Grete Sultan's birth name is Johanna Margarete Sultan.

When was Sultan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan born?

Sultan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was born in 1953.

Was sultan suleiman dead in drama mera sultan?