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Maybe 400 miles as the crow flies (by air in a straight line).

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Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay were two of the main USN bases. However, the USNs riverine forces, primarily the Swift Boats (PCF-Patrol Craft Fast) operated as far north as the DMZ at the Cua Viet River in I Corps.

Cam Ranh's not too far north from Saigon, Australian Centurion tanks may have patrolled some of that area; mostly stationed around Saigon/Bien Hoa regions.

The Philippines was a primary stop-over enroute to RVN, mostly landing at Bien Hoa Air Base (pronounced Ben Wa). Flights coming in from the north east often landed in Cam Ranh Bay. Was roughly an hour's flight or so.

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The duration of Far from Vietnam is 1.92 hours.

Far from Vietnam was created on 1967-10-01.

Vietnam is 1,090 miles (1,750 kilometers) from the Philippines.

The distance to Vietnam from Indonesia is 1168.61 miles, or 1880.64 kilometers.

How ever far you want it to be.

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Really far and the time there is 14 hours ahead.

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The distance between Vietnam and Philippines is 1466.80 km or 911.43 miles.

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Haast is a township on the South Island, New Zealand. The nearest bay is Jackson Bay.

Thunder bay to Nipigon is 110 km or 70 miles.

They went as far as toppling the South Vietnam government, when they wanted to abandon the war.

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