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how are the girls simlar in the way they grow


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boang ka

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How are girls similar in the way they grow?

they are heathey unlike the boys some girls are not tho its about 50 50 chance because boys run and keep fit so do girls

Do lentils grow underground?

No, lentils grow above ground similar to the way green bush beans grow.

What does teenage girls look for in guys?

Guys with similar interests to the girl, who act in a similar way.

Who are generally taller girls or boys?

girls are usually taller as teenagers because girls grow quicker but at a point girls stop .so boys get some time to grow tall. so i could be either way!!!

How do girls grow beards?

Girls don't grow beards

Until what age do girls grow taller?

girls grow taller until they are 21

What is my type of girls?

Girls with similar interests and beliefs.

What are changes similar among boys and girls?

boys are similar to girls because boy go to the gym

Does height increase when puberty starts in girls?

Girls grow during puberty and increase in height. Lots of changes happen to girls as they grow into an adult.

What is the difference in boys purberty and girls puberty?

there are a lot of differences the only things similar are you both grow you both grow hair that's pretty much it. A obvious difference is boys don't really grow breast (at least not as big) and a girls voice doesn't really get so deep, plus guys testicles grow and girls don't have any. So basically it's easier to count the similarities 5 times then counting all the differences once.

how old do girls grow vaginas?

Girls are born with vaginas.

What is the difference between 'grow' and 'similar' when selecting in photoshop?

similar mean select similar pixels throughout entire image and grow means select adjacent pixels that falls into specified tolerance range.

Does every girl grow hips?

Yes every girl grows hips because that's a part of a body that girls all way have with out them the girls body will be flat and not shape.

Could black people grow hair?

Girls can, but i dont know about boys. by the way ur raciest! What a questions to ask!!!!!! -__=

What is the duration of Three Smart Girls Grow Up?

The duration of Three Smart Girls Grow Up is 1.5 hours.

Are girls better then boys or are boys better then girls?

Girls are WAY WAY WAY BETTER then boys

Are the rowdy ruff boys made for the Powerpuff Girls?

The Rowdyruff boys are made to destroy the Powerpuff girls, but since they are so similar to each other; in a way they are made for each other.

Why do girls have breasts and boys don't?

they do girls jst grow there and we have shlongs

Why are girls attracted to men who are overconfident and aggressive and who treat them badly?

Some girls grow up in homes where the male role model(s) is/are abusive, and they consider this the normal male. They may pick similar mates and persevere as their mothers did.

Why are boys taller than girls?

Because most boys grow faster than girls, and also they keep growing for longer. There is no requirement that boys must be taller than girls, or vice versa. It just happens that way. Well also theoretically it doesn't haven't go that way.

Who lives longer girls or boys?

Girls girls are way better than boys. so girls all the way.

When do girls grow pubic hair?

Girls grow pubic hair when they are in puberty. There is no specific age for all of them. Some get it early and others later.

CAn freckles grow?

Yes, freckles can grow. They can grow in width and grow to actually stick off of the skin similar to a mole.

How are the girls similar when they grow?

As a girl progresses through the stages of puberty, she will grow taller and her body shape will change. Her chest will appear less flat as her breasts begin to grow. The first sign that a girl's breasts are developing is when small bumps (sometimes called "breast buds") become noticeable on her chest. Some girls find that their breasts or nipples start to tingle or itch whilst they grow. These feelings stop when the breasts stop growing.

Do girls grow taller after periods?