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Did Mattel sue MGA Entertainment?

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yes barbie did sue Bratz in 2008 and are going to trial May 27
Yes. MGA (Bratz) lost the suit and had to pay $100 million in damages to Mattel (Barbie).
the same pousin who made barbie made Bratz at the same time
mattel created barbies then a dude from there went to another company and twisted their idea and used it to make bratz dolls

Mattel sells the Barbie doll.

MGA Entertainment sells the Bratz dolls.

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I don't know when but I do know why. Why Barbie sued bratz was because they were jealous of bratz and they said that the bratz looked exactly like them.

Carter Bryant invented the Bratz dolls and Mattel is suing MGA Entertainment for copyright infringement on its Barbie dolls.

MGA Entertainment was created in 1997.

No. Although they are both considered fashion dolls, Mattel makes Barbie dolls and MGA Entertainment made the Bratz dolls.

right now its October and the bratz still haven't gone away but they will eventually in 2010 because Mattel sued MGA.Mattel sued MGA because of barbie.barbie has been the only and best doll but then bratz came and made it a competition,the mattel people got jealous and sued MGA for itbratz will be going of the shelves in 2010 but right now there are still some has demanded MGA to give mattel all the designs for 2010 and all the know how.if MGA does give it,then it will be the end.there is still some hope of convincing the court for the rights of MGA.the mattel people said if MGA doesn't end bratz mattel will destroy every bratz doll on the shelves and in the factories.bratz are being replaced by moxie girls and there are many similarities.I will really miss them,but as i said before there is still hope.hope this answer helped sorry its so long though just wanted to make it very detailed about iNO! THAT will be AWFUL from mattel cuz if they do i will hate barbie,the doll that i love,FOREVER!

Carter Bryant. A former doll designer for Mattel. He took his work on the Bratz dolls to MGA and sold them under contract of Mattel.

MGA Entertainment's population is 1,500.

i dont know why but since then Mattel has bought out HiT entertainment they have yet to do anything with the characters

Lalaloopsy is invented by MGA Entertainment.

No. Moxie girls are a new line from MGA Entertainment Inc, the makers of Bratz. The Bratz ownership has moved to Mattel after a long legal battle. To replace the Bratz line that they no longer have the rights to, MGA Entertainment Inc created the new line, Moxie, Girls, released on August 15, 2009. The new line is being marketed for girls ages 6 - 10 with a more casual approach to fashion than the old Bratz line.

what are the current weaknesses of mattel company?

Robert Eckert is the CEO of Mattel.

Mattel, Inc., makes Barbie dolls. Mattel, Inc., of Segundo, California The toy company that makes barbie dolls is mattel inc Mattel. Barbie has always been a registered trademark of Mattel. Mattel was originally known as Matson and Elliott, of which it is a sort of contraction. Under the Matson and Elliott label they made the Linoprinter, a combination typesetting machine and printing press, which sadly did poorly in the market place. It was not known whether to market it as a toy or a business machine. Mattel, Inc. The designers for Mattel are based in Los Angeles at the company's headquarters. Mattel's actual factory is in China.Mattel, Inc.Barbie dolls are made from the Mattel company.Mattel Inc. of El Segundo, CAThe Mattel company.mattelNO, Mattel makes Barbies

You can buy Mattel products in the UK. Mattel has its own UK website if you want to order from there.

yes they did mattel is a bery popular co. and was alloud by the gov. to sue any co.they chose the band that sung the barbie song and ended up sued that's all 42day an other questions

Isaac Larian was the chief executive officer of MGA Entertainment

The Mattel sun logo is always on the box, not the doll. The word "Mattel" is written on the doll's backside.

It would have Mattel written on its backside.

Mattel currently has factories in China and Indonesia.

the Mattel is only a online store

Currently, MGA still own the Bratz dolls, however this may not be permanent because MGA's appeal against Mattel still isn't over.

in a nutshell, the person that invented bratz worked for mattel at the time he thought of the idea, so mattel sued mga for "stealing their idea." personally, i think they just wanted to find a way to make bratz go out of business. ps. i heard (this isn't confirmed yet) that bratz appealed the judge's ruling and mga won the appeal case, so bratz will be sold again, hopefully! used to be Pleasant Company, but Mattel bought it.

Yes, Mattel owns Pleasant Company.