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Yes because he only not speak some language: Arabic, another Semitic language that did not arrive in Palestine until after the first century A.D.

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Q: Can Jesus speak tagalog
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How many people speak Tagalog?

It is estimated that approximately 22 million people speak Tagalog.

What is the tagalog translation of Jesus and judaism?

In Tagalog: Jesus = Jesus (pronounced similar to Spanish). Judaism = hudaismo

How many speaking Tagalog?

96% of the Filipinos speak Tagalog.

Does Batista speak tagalog?


Does Miranda Cosgrove speak tagalog?

yes she dose because she's half Chinese and part of family speak Tagalog .

How do you say 'I speak English' in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of I SPEAK ENGLISH: Nakapagsasalita ako ng Ingles.

How many people in the Philippines speak Tagalog?

Tagalog is the main language in the Philippines so everyone in our country knows to speak and understand Tagalog.--------------If you are in the Philippines you have to learn how to speak Tagalog, so I would say everyone.

How do you say Jesus I trust in You in Filipino or Tagalog?

jesus i trust you

Where do people speak tagalog?


What sound does a horse make in tagalog?

Horses do not speak Tagalog or any other Philippine dialect. They speak horse and sound the same as always.

Marunong ka mag Tagalog?

Marunong ka mag Tagalog: Can you speak Tagalog?

What country's inhabitants speak tagalog?

The Philippines

Can Vanessa Hudgens speak tagalog?

she cant

What language does the Phillipe speak?

Mainly Tagalog.

Abbatoir in tagalog-?

Abattoir in tagalog means katayan ng hayop. The people who speak the language are from the Philippines.

What part of the Philippines do people speak the language of Tagalog?

Tagalog is spoken mostly by people from the Tagalog regions in the main island of Luzon, Philippines. Tagalog is the basis for the national language, Filipino.

How many percent speak in Tagalog in Caloocan?


How do you say 'Do you speak English' in Tagalog?

"Do you speak English?" if translated to Tagalog/Filipino language would be, "Nagsasalita ka ba ng Ingles?" or "Nag-iigles ka ba?"

What are the similarities between the Philippines and us?

They speak the same language .but mostly philippines speak Tagalog.

Why can you speak?

you speak because Jesus made you.

Do Filipinos speak Tagalog English and Spanish?

About 96% of the Filipinos can speak Tagalog while 5 out of 10 Filipinos can speak English fluently. The elders can speak Spanish because Spanish language was incorporated in the school curriculum some decades ago.

What is the translation of the name Jesus in several different languages?

tagalog-hesus;spanish-jesus (the stress in /u/)

Do Phillipians speak Spanish?

They speak Tagalog, which has some elements of Spanish. There are other minor languages as well.

Who speaks the Tagalog language?

The Tagalog language is spoken by the Tagalog people. This is in the Philippines. These people are sometimes referred to as Filipino. In 2000, 96 percent of Phillipines could speak this language.

How do you speak Jesus in Korean?

예 수 = Jesus

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