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Bakit tinawag na demokratikong polis ang Athens in Filipino is why did the democrats polis Athens in English.

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Q: Bakit tinawag na demokratikong polis ang Athens?
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Polis of Athens?

The polis of Athens means the politics of Athens (city of Greece). Polis is the root word of politics. Polis is the Greek word for "city" or "city-state". The Polis of Athens would be the city of Athens. The word is a part of modern English words such as "metropolis".

What is the sentence for polis?

i live in indianapolis ,a greek polis is athens

How were the polis in Athens?

Athens was a polis. It didn't contain other poleis (plural of polis), though in the Delic-Attic League they did dominate many others.

What polis was located in attica?


What was the most famous polis in Greece?


Which polis considered the birthplace of democracy?


What religion did Athens have?

Athens followed the Greek Pantheon with a particular reverence for Athena, the namesake of their Polis.

What polis always expected to win in competitions?

Sparta and Athens

Only free men were citizens of their polis?

This was in Athens, Greece :)

Which polis is known as the school of Greece?

Athens is the school of Greece.

Only men could be citizens of a polis Athens or Sparta?


Is it in Sparta or in Athens that only men could be citizens of a polis?


A person is ancient Athens must be a what of their polis to become a leader?


What is the Athenian polis?

The Athenian polis means the city of Athens. It also means the males that were allowed to vote. Women and slaves were not allowed any rights.

What 3 groups made up a polis?

A Polis was a term to define a city-state in ancient Greece so like Sparta, Athens, Trojan etc.

What Greek polis was the largest?

Athens, at about 250,000 including 70,000 slaves and 10,000 resident aliens.

How did the original Olympics begin?

Hera of Athens set a compition between the polis's to see who had the feircest warriors.

What three groups made up a polis?

How did reaction to oppressive rule lead to pre-democracy in Athens

Why did Athens emerge from the Dark Ages as a leading polis?

It had provided a safe haven during the Dark Ages

Why is Athens a democratic polis?

During its Classical Period, the ancient Greek society of Athens was a "democratic polis" for the following reasons: The term "polis" means "city", and Athens was fundamentally a city-society (or, city-state). Furthermore, the Athenian "city" practiced a democratic form of government, limited though it might have been; that is, ultimate power rested in the hand of the citizen-body rather than in any one individual or small group of rulers.

In Sparta or Athens were only free men were citizens of thir polis?

in Sparta were only free men citizens?

Who was allowed to vote in the developing democracy of Athens?

All the citizens could take part in making decisions for the polis.

What made up a Greek polis?

A Greek polis was made up of a city and a state. This was a descriptive ending to a root word that was used to indicate an ancient Greek city and state combination such as ancient Athens.

What does the word Polis best refers to what?

Polis is a Greek word meaning "city-state", coming from the Archaic period of Greece, where it was used to describe cities such as Athens. A polis was a self-governing or autonomous state. Today we have the word 'politics', which is partially derived from polis (politika, another Greek word means "affairs of the city") as well as other common terms like 'metropolis' (a large colony/city), 'necropolis' (city of the dead) and 'acropolis' (an elevated building/temple, such as the one in Athens).

What was the importance of the polis in the political structure of the polis?

What was the importance of the polis in the political structure of the polis