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anong uri ng tinig meron si angeline quinto

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Q: Anong uri ng tinig meron sina Angeline Quinto Nonoy Zuniga Ryan Cayabyab Jose Mari Chan Marcelito Pomoy Mark Bautista?
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When was Angeline Quinto born?

Angeline Quinto was born on 1989-11-26.

How old is Angeline Quinto?

Filipina singer Angeline Quinto is 22 years old.

Examples of singers in the Philippines that has soprano voice?

Angeline Quinto

What kind of voice does angeline quinto have is it soprano or what?

Light lyric soprano

What is the kind of voice angeline quinto has?

She is a Lyric-Coloratura Soprano.

What type of vocal voice is angeline quinto has?

She is a light lyric soprano. :)

What is the vocal range of angeline quinto?

light Lyric soprano

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