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Q: Ani any mahalagang nangyari sa panahon ng kastila?
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Sino ang namuno noong panahon ng espanol?

ambot lang ani oi

Ano ang ibat ibang panahon sa asya?

boang ang nag himo ani gi atay ka ayu samot ta ka boang ani pamohuway mo oi magagiatay ^^

What were the 21 original clans of the Cherokee?

There are only seven original clans of the Cherokee which still exist today. They are the Ani-wa ya, Ani-Kawi, Ani-Tsi skwa, Ani-wi d, Ani-Sah a ni, Ani-Ga tagewi, and Ani- Gi IAA hi.

What is an ani?

An ani is a bird of the genus Crotophaga.

Are there any more than 3 different types of ani birds?

No there are only the Broad Billed Ani,the Smooth Billed Ani & the Greater Ani

What actors and actresses appeared in My ANI - 2011?

The cast of My ANI - 2011 includes: Michelle Yazichyan as Ani

Cati ani are Nick Jonas?

cati ani are nick??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

When was Ani-Mator created?

Ani-Mator was created in 1988.

When did Battle of Ani happen?

Battle of Ani happened in 1042.

When did Ani Kaaro die?

Ani Kaaro died in 1901.

When was Kwadwo Ani born?

Kwadwo Ani was born in 1966.

When did Ani Idrus die?

Ani Idrus died in 1999.

When was Ani Idrus born?

Ani Idrus was born in 1918.

When was Ani Phyo born?

Ani Phyo was born in 1968.

When was Ani Pachen born?

Ani Pachen was born in 1933.

When did Ani Pachen die?

Ani Pachen died in 2002.

When was Ani Takidze born?

Ani Takidze was born in 1972.

When was Ani Khachikyan born?

Ani Khachikyan was born in 1991.

When was Ani Kavafian born?

Ani Kavafian was born in 1948.

When was Ani Nyhus born?

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Ani Ipekkaya is 162 cm.

How tall is Ani Difranco?

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How do you say i love you and miss you in Hebrew?

Male to female: Ani ohev otakh va-ani mitga'age'a lakhMale to male: Ani ohev otkhah va-ani mitga'age'a lekhaFemale to male: Ani ohevet otkhah va-ani mitga'aga'at lekhaFemale to female: Ani ohevet otakh va-ani mitga'aga'at lakh

What is you got the Ani mean?

hawaiian for beautiful. my sons name. I think ani is Latin origin meaning pelvis. For example levator ani is a muscle lifting pelvis. levator=lifter; ani=pelvis (some might say ani=anus area)

How do you say i am good in Hebrew?

"Ani tov" for a male, and "Ani tova" for a female. "Ani" means "I", and "tov","tova" means "good".

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