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> Tungkung langit at alunsina story?

Tungkung langit at alunsina story?


In the beginning there was nothing and there was everything. The world is made of mists, formless and shapeless things, and confusions everywhere. From this confusion there grows two Gods, Tunkong Langit and Alunsina. These two Gods marry and lived in the highest realm of ethereal space. Tungkung Langit took the responsibility of writing everything in the world, his job is to restore order, chaos and the confusion around him, so everyday he left to do his job, and leave Alunsina in their home.
While Tungkung Langit is responsible, Alunsina is lazy, jealous, and selfish. She likes to daydream or comb her hair all day long. And because she was a jealous goddess, Alunsina always sends the sea breeze to spy on Tungkung Langit. When the god found this out, he was not pleased. There was a quarrel. Tungkung Langit says that it is ungodly of her to be jealous. Alunsina resented it. Tungkung Langit lost his temper; he divested his wife of her powers and sends her away. No one knew where she went, she just disappeared.
Several days after, Tungkung Langit became very lonely. But he doesn't know where to find her or where to start looking for her. He missed Alunsina terribly, especially whenever he comes home after his work and finds his house empty.
One day, he thought of an idea, he made the sea, the earth, and filled the ground with trees and flowers. He made the earth and sea beautiful, so that when Alunsina would see it, she would come home. But she didn't. So he took Alunsina's jewels and put it in the sky, and still Alunsina did not came back. Up to this time, Tungkung Langit still lives alone in his palace in the sky. When it rains, it is said to be Tungkung Langit"s tears, still longing for the return of his beloved Alunsina.

--note that in some stories, Tungkung Langit made Alunsina's crown as the sun, her comb as the moon, and her jewels became the stars at night..

--that's all folks!! just watch it on youtube..hehe..â"¢

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