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> Ano ang Balagtasan na pinamagatang Bulaklak ng Lahing Kalinis-linisan?

Ano ang Balagtasan na pinamagatang Bulaklak ng Lahing Kalinis-linisan?

The first Balagtasan, a debate in verse, was held on April 6, 1924, at Instituto de Mujeres (Women's Institute) in Tondo, Manila. It was part of the celebration for the birth anniversary of poet Francisco Baltazar (pen name: Balagtas).
Three pairs of poets participated in the verbal jousts. The most well-received topic was "Bulaklak ng Lahing Kalinis-Linisan" (the Purest Flower of the Nation) which was debated by poets Jose Corazon de Jesus and Francisco Collantes. Their succeeding bouts were held in the Opera House and Teatro Zorilla, Manila's biggest theaters.

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